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March/ April Update

Hi everyone!

It’s time for updates! The 3rd month of 2012 has just past and man, time pass real fast yea?

It’s already my 2nd month to my new job and I’m still pretty much enjoying the life here, although everyday I would love to dream that if I ever lived near my workplace (Marsling) then I’d have saved lots more in traveling! My colleagues were either staying at Woodlands or Sembawang, the farthest is just CCK! Man, I just wish…. haha.

My last lesson at gym has been postphoned! Actually, I can’t bear to part with the place actually, cos it was where although my flesh was like “screaming” almost every time when it moves, I kinda enjoy the training and of course, there is someone who’d guide me in the techniques of how to train different muscle groups that can grow my overall weight/ mass.

I am not too satisfied with my results cos I’m only halfway through my goal, which is 60kg. But nevertheless, I’m happy that at least, I’m not the over-scrawny guy (although I still am, but not so anymore)… I hope to look slightly bigger when I meet my friends this month!

What’s up this month – I guess I should start meeting people! Announcement: I am available for lunch, please meet me for lunch! HAHA. Call me and we’ll arrange.

Other than lunch, I’m planning for other kinds of meet-ups! Let’s see how it goes. 🙂


I’ve signed up for JLPT N2 again for the July paper! It’s the 3rd time I’m going to take but it doesn’t matter cos I’m very sure I will pass this time! If I go study now!

Catch up again soon!! 😀

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