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2011 Reflection and Thanksgiving

Backdated post, but thanking God for His grace.

Like many of the people out there, the past 2 years had not been an easy route for me.

It was a poor decision made as life had just been too stagnant for me then, and everywhere looks like a status qua.

But thanks to my fleshly decision my life had changed its course and it decided to be more challenging. (I decided to not go into details cos it’s the past)

2011 was a year of “valley of baca”, I suddenly felt like I had to go through challenges alone. I had to handle work and “life”single-handed.

A blessing in disguise happened, when I decided to meet my secondary school friend whom explained to me about things.

I decided to head back to church on the church’s 22nd anniversary.

It was the Word of God that changed my heart.

Life wasn’t like much easier after I decided to go for the church services, but God gave strength so I could pass by each day.

I decided to do something about my life too – physical health – that was, to gain weight/ mass. I engaged a trainer to train me.

I decided to quit my job and took a break… But decided to get one after that cos economical news was saying it will turn bad this year.

Overall, thank God for His grace that pulled me through 2011.

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  1. February 18, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    Hey JB

    It sounds like the last two years has been difficult – may things turn for you for the better in the new year, for He makes all things new. Be blessed, JB, in all you do.

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