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Nothing New…

I can’t believe it’s already close to mid October and it’s only about 60 days to JLPT

There is nothing very new now, still working hard to get my muscles growing up (argh, hope it grows quickily!), getting my Japanese vocabulary right and spending time with myself in singlehood (I seriously need to get attached again lol) and enjoying the days of weekends just doing the things I love – sun tanning (when there is sun – it’s gone to hide these few months – fall season is here and winter soon. [What am I talking about? It’s all rainy season :P]), gym on Sundays and spending the rest of the weekends studying. Looks pretty much mundane here but it’s ok! I’ll take it as preparation for the future, that’s why I’m studying Japanese for! πŸ™‚

Regarding to the earlier post I wrote last month, I actually got to consider whatΒ I should be doing for the coming future… It seems like, the time for changing career is not ready yet, so I’m sticking back to the old job I’m doing right now. Praise God, I mark my 2 year working job experience after graduating and it’s the longest surviving job ever since I graduated from my diploma. πŸ™‚

Having said that, I actually got an offer from the company to extend my contract. I would have had wished for a perm but thinking about my near future, actually having an extended contract will be fine with me too becuase it is as good as working as a perm stuff. πŸ˜‰ Furthermore, it won’t be nice if I decided to quit halfway after my boss decided to give me the perm position.

And since I’ve gotten the job, I’ve decided to delay my job hunting until I find it’s the right time to do so.

Actually I love the way things are right now, because it’s really been a roller coaster ride in my life around this time, a year ago… It really felt like a tsunami hit on me too… But thankfully, things are better now and life is as usual.

And although time has been passing so fast, I just can’t wait for December to come! I’d probably plan for a short get-away to Batam or something, if anyone is interested, let me know! πŸ™‚ Otherwise, by default, I’ll go by myself for some presonal refreshing time πŸ˜€

Write soon when I’m inspired! πŸ™‚

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