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Asking, Seeking, Knocking…

Of late I’ve been starting my veg/ Daniel fast, ever since I slide back to God. There are a lot of things to consider, mainly with regards to the near future ahead.

While things are seemingly fine and alright, I feel that I haven’t been moving on much in sense of growth and vision in my career path. While I still prefer the previous life, having the group of friends at work etc, it seems like I have been missing out quite a lot of things while I’m in the new place. I was still wondering if I’m in the correct place now, since now that there isn’t much company as it used to be…

Perhaps I’m feeling more lonely, since there wasn’t much people whom I know here, except for times when people come for courses and meet me for lunch etc.

The current work life is pretty much different from what I visualized… Perhaps, it’s a sign of time for a change? 🙂

I haven’t been making any decisions yet… In fact, I am still very uncertain of what I wanna do if I tendered my resignation letter. As I don’t want too much disaster in my life, I’m really taking this decision very seriously…

Although I have a very blur decision that I would like to do something Japanese (something that I’ve always wanted to do), there aren’t any precise job matching my qualifications and all.

Everything seems to be uncertain for now, that I don’t know what’s going to happen in 2012.

But God is good, He’s always giving me the assurance that He will provide in His time.

While my flesh still worries, my “intuition” tells me that everything is still alright.

And it’s gonna be alright, cos Jesus You’re my light. You have shown me Your way. All of my troubles, all of my life I give it to You my King!


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