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I Promise Myself To…

Credit to The Joy Project

Yes! I promised myself, and will promise myself – to SMILE again and again… As the header says, “smile, even if you don’t feel like it! Lighten up. Laugh. Wake Up your soul!” What a faith proclamation, isn’t it? I got to make this a belief system, that when I don’t feel too good in any situation, I will just smile (even if it sounds lunatic [LOL] but I still do it…)! Life’s too short to keep pondering about those sad and negative stuff, isn’t it? 🙂

I had this wallpaper on my office computer a while ago and I thought I should use this again. This is really cool…

Thoughts and words are so important in your life… They either make you or break you!
I often got reminded that I should think good thought and say better words, especially to myself.

Check this video out too:

New Directions?

After working for about close to 2 years, work has seem to be taking some changes, as I shared earlier that I’ve moved to a new team and a new project. Life is indeed easier, but it seems like it kinda don’t match what I wanted, which was what I used to have when I started… I don’t know if vibrationally I’m drifting away from what I want when I I visualized it 2 years ago before I came in… That goes the same for my personal life as well.. I suddenly feel that I need to make some changes in the ‘stirring wheel’ of my life… Which of course, I need to hear from my Big Boss above. Some prayer time needed!

Till next time! 🙂

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