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Ok, I think this is going to be fun. Yes I know the reality of my life, that was why I said, it’s gonna be fun…

My mind can hold images of the things that I want, as Bob Proctor said in “The Secret”. So…

TA-DA! I totally love this photo! This, from the website, is actually a $10 mil penthouse from Vancouver… Actually, I like both the staircases, here’s another one…

This one is from Austin, but don’t know how much though. You know my secret *ahem* fetish? Doing it on the stairs. *lol* joking. But they are really nice designs.

I would definitely love to invite my friends over to my house every week. Spread the food over this place.

A little brighter will be perfect, minus the piano…

Bedroom & office… Too stressed? Sleep! 😀

More here!!

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