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Applying the Secret – Create Your Beautiful Mondays!

From the Secret

Have you always got Monday blues – getting out of bed late, rushed your way to dress up. On your way to the bus stop you just saw the bus you’re taking just passed you by… Reached the office to find out that you forgot your office pass, got into the office late, being scolded by your supervisor or boss… Then in the middle of the day, your presentation you have to present in the afternoon got accidentally deleted to the bin, and unable to retrieve the file… All the rest of the day, goes haywire…

Are any of the above a spot-on? I have a good news for you – if you are currently (and always) getting into such routines, especially every MONDAYS, don’t fret! Because the Monday Blue Syndrome will always be there – and you can keep on blaming it, until you shift your thoughts, to a better one.

You know that the Secret teaches you that thoughts become things, and the more you think of the things that you don’t want, it will keep showing up because the law of attraction works when you are thinking. It has no measures of wants and don’t wants.

So how do you go about having a good Monday? Here’s some tips I’d usually use to always have a great Monday:

  • Prepare anything you can the day before. Like ironing your clothes, and if you’re a forgetful person, remember to pack your things. This will specially work if you’re a student and you need to bring your things for the Monday.
  • Have a clear mind of your Monday schedule. Do not wait till the last minute to do your things, cos you’ll likely to screw up. If you have a meeting, presentation or whatever, make sure you’ve been fully prepared and confident that you have.
  • Feel good about your Monday. If you watched the first 20 minutes of the Secret, you’ll realize that the Secret says that as you wake up in the morning, keep that happy feeling there, and more happy events and circumstances will come your way. Don’t let any unhappy circumstances or situation get in your way, and make your day bad. Feel good about your Mondays now.
  • Sleep early on Sunday night. I know it’s difficult, but do make the effort to sleep early – that will mean your effort to, if needed, drink a cup of warm milk before you sleep, and make sure you do not have any (long) naps after 6pm (that will guarantee you of insomnia!)

Have fun with your Mondays! 🙂

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