Weekends are always short! Damn, Monday always says hi to us unexpectedly.

Anyway, I had a real good weekend. Hmms, Friday night’s KTV with colleagues was rather fun! Although only 7 were there, I had an enjoyable time with them. My singing wasn’t very good but who cares. Haha. It was kinda difficult for us to start the ball rolling cos still don’t know what songs to choose I guess, but I totally love the last part when we sang the K歌之王. We had mic passed for every one/two choruses… A tired but fun night.

Saturday was the start of my Jap class… Wow, another good time of laughter by talking rubbish in Japanese… I think the atmosphere is really different between the pre-advanced class and the advanced class. There was more stress in the pre-adv class cos one of the main goals was to get the students to be sharp during conversation. At that time the students did not have confidence to speak, but man, in adv class, looks like we’re all quite ok, with more confidence. But still, scared of teacher’s arrow! Haha.

Sunday was a total slack day. Err well not really. Slept till 11am (though wanted to wake up at 8.30am with the alarm set). Had drama marathon, plus a little packing of the room. Better for now but still have lots of things to be thrown away.

Just one more week for CNY! But this year, don’t really feel like going for CNY leh. Cos only meet the cousins once a year, but not as close as we are compared to the younger days. See how it goes la. Have also decided not to go overseas cos it’s darn farking expensive.

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