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Cheaper != [not equals to] good (service)

Had a hair cut after work. Find Jurong Point’s salons are rather expensive (range 25-29 bucks), so was checking out if there was anywhere I could cut my hair not too far from my house.Thus Choa Chu Kang was a place in my mind. I almost regretted going there cos EC House was the only “salon” that I found at the mall, but it looked like it wasn’t a wasted trip after all. The price was stated $18.80 for the hair cut, so I went in to check it out.

To mention, the place was Professional Hair Studio (see this insing link for address). Looks like nothing much there was professional after all. Hmms here’s the ratings I can give out of 5:

  • Neatness: 2.5/5
    Probably the place looks cramped, thus things don’t look very organized.
  • Service & professionalism:3/5
    I stood around the shop for almost a minute or two, then someone in the stop asked if I wanted to have my hair cut, then she said wait a while. At least, I think they’re rather sharp to see who’s next.
    I didn’t have my cup of tea (not that I’m typical, but shouldn’t it be part of the service? lol), but I saw the others having the cups around… Am I thinking too much……?
  • When I was done, I didn’t have my hair waxed or anything like that. Worse still, after he blew my hair, I found lots of hair on my shirt, but the hair stylist just seemed to be too concerned about the payment.
  • The hair stylist noticed that my hair was dry, but looked like they wanted to promote their loreal products.
  • Price: 4/5
    Cheaper than the others, but that was the services you’ll get…

So in conclusion,

$10: below average cut, average service

$20: average cut, average service

$25 & above: good cut + good service.

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