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No pig? (read disclaimer first)

The following post is intended for personal review & opinion, and it does not have any intention from the author himself to sabotage the local racial harmony and/or unity in any form.

On the recent debate on the latest McDonald’s promo on the Doraemon’s supposedly-to-be-zodiac-signs collectible items, many people seem to agree that it has somehow, left out the pig from the 12 animals.

From the Strait’s Times Forum, a particular writer actually emailed to ask to confirm if this is supposed to be the Chinese 12-animal-zodiac collectibles. But it seems like there is a reply (tweak?) from McDonald’s themselves:

McDonald’s said that as Valentine’s Day coincided on the first day of the Chinese New Year, it decided on Cupid.
It also stated that its Doraemon lucky charms promotion was never intended as a zodiac collection.

-Tan Chin Kwang (link above)

My qn:
– a bit too early for this promo, then? VDay is still a few weeks away. plus, this year is also not the year of pig…
– If they are not intended to be zodiac signs, then why the 11 other animals that matches?

For as why this “pig” is removed from the collectibles, I leave for you guys to your own conclusion.

But there is one thing I’m thankful, that

Singapore enjoys the racial harmony regardless of our differences. We probably knew the price of racial harmony, and I guess as  Singaporean, (I) have the mindset of “大事化小事,小事化无事”. thus, whether it’s a pig or not, I’d probably not get those collectibles (before they end up in SPCA. *ok not funny*). ^_^

If you can read this…

I was thinking about this issue when this classic joke about “no pork”. Can be found from this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdguyMJprsA

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