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Good Bye 2009, Welcome 2010!

Yea, 明けましておめでとうございます!今年も、よろしくお願いします!

2009 is a tough year for me. Here’s a summary of the things happened:

  • 🙂 & 😥 : For a part time job @ Acce* during my schooling days. Although I was warned before-hand that much OT was expected, I decided to take up this job. I had to struggle between long working hours and the burning of midnight oils. I remembered staying throughout the night just to finish my assignment(s).
  • 😥 : Then, for the fact that I was earning only the pathetic 1.6k, I slogged as much as those who had degree pay. Work seemed to overwhelmed me and I really felt dissatisfied. I got transferred out from the team, which made things worse, cos I was merely doing administrative work, which was not my cup of tea. No lunch kakis then. (they were so busy that they ordered food to office to eat [not my style], so I decided to lunch myself) I couldn’t bear anymore, so I decided to leave in July (it was a contract based job)
  • :): After I left, I immediately went thought about the next job I wanted to do. I was praying about it during my trip in Japan (it was July then), and I listed down the location (near city area), the pay (at least 2.5), the type of job (programming based). (Note that the job in Accenture wasn’t the ideal job for me then; it was something I need to feed my 3 meals). I got an interview and got offered the job.
  • :S <confused> : Not long after, I was told that I need to wait for the security clearance to be done before I can get into the job. The wait itself was quite a struggle because I didn’t know how long I’ve got to wait, and the agency over-promised the clearance date. I was quite upset about the whole incident and I almost give up on the job. I went to different companies for interviews aimlessly. not knowing what kind of job I was offered, and not knowing if the same thing would have happened.
  • 😦 : My bank account was drying up, thus I decided to reduce a lot of activity, and unfortunately, that includes church. I told my leader that I had financial difficulty and thus decided not to be as committed as I used to be.
  • 🙂 : The clearance finally went through, but I was still considering whether to take up this offer (my heart already gave up hope on waiting). I got some advise from a close friend and decided to take up the offer to try out if I liked the job.
  • :S : In the midst of confusion and distress and trials, I realized that there was nobody standing by me from church. I always think that there should at least be one or two more that could encourage me, but it didn’t happened. It made me feel that I was only friends in the good times. Plus my cell group shifted to the north east, which made things more difficult for pple like me who stay in the west.
    I decided not to attend the cell group anymore.
  • 🙂 : However I was quite happy that I made good friends in the company. Though we’re all doing different projects, we organize things and had fun together, like the recent gift-exchange Christmas party. I am still quite amazed and amused that people will just walk to my team’s cubicle on a random basis and chit-chat with us.
  • 🙂 : The colleagues here are also very supportive in the things that we do outside work. I was telling some of them that I’d like to gain weight for the next few months, some gave advices, and many encourage me to eat more whenever there’s chance.  Even it seems nothing, but I felt touched from these little encouragements.

I am going to leave 2009 to history and in 2010, it’ll be another chapter of life. I’m still drafting out my plans for 2010, so stay tuned!

*Name changed to protect the innocent. 😀

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