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News Thoughts: Cabbies

In the recent “Voices” topics on Today, one of the hottest topic discussed was about cabbies. One of the headlines were: “Why the anti-cabbie bias?”

I know it’s really expensive to take cab in Singapore, but sometimes when time is not on your side, taking cab might be one of the choices made.

These are my personal opinions and I hope I’m not overly judgmental.  Here were some of the drivers I’ve had encountered:

  • The overly chatty ones: some drivers are nice… But there are some who really talked too much.
  • I-don’t-know-the-place-you-are-heading: Some cab drivers are “路痴”, who seriously don’t know the way to get there, even the simple ones. Understandable for the new ones. Thankfully, these drivers always gives me discount when I alighted at the destination.
  • Sorry, no NETS machine” (when there is one): cab drivers usually don’t pick up passengers during weekends because they are rather unwilling to receive their “pay” on the following Monday. (OK, understandable for those that are spoilt). But what’s the point of having the machine and not utilizing it?
  • The slow drivers: yes, I’ve encountered a few of them who would really drive very slow (maybe for the meters to run). In the name of traffic rules, the drivers will usually find a chance to slow down in most of the traffic lights and zebra crossings.

There could be other types that I’ve yet to find out. Maybe next time!

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