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Pre Xmas Celebration @ Mel’s

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment

It was an awesome evening at Mel’s. The gathering starts at 3 but I was there at 6 (ya, pardon me for my laziness. Haha). I was greeted by the seniors (read: past generations) of the resourceweb*… Almost all were there, and that kinda surprised me. The people left around 7pm onwards, only a few of us stayed to play some games. Without further ado, let the pics roll… (if u have seen it from fb, it’s taken from there. :])

The past & the present of resourceweb plus lunch kaki, aka 路人甲.

The yummylicious food before the group photo

It’s my first time playing guitar… With my senior teaching.

And Mel suddenly took out an anonymous drink which immediately “burned” my throat after the first sip. Then I found out that it was vodka. Thankfully I didn’t finish at one sip. Omg, 40% of liquor, something that my stomach can’t hold. I had ha 30% cup of Martel experience, thus I was quite thankful that my face didn’t turn very red (as confirmed a few times).

Few more days to Christmas… Can’t wait for the next celebration in the office. It’s gonna be fun! 😀

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