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Weight gaining in progress…

Yea, I am currently on a weight gaining program (personal) and have started since Oct. On the run, I’m still trying out here and there, and trying to make my goals as realistic as possible. Hopefully I’d still able to maintain and keep going until I see results. Thus telling the whole world (the readers like you) would actually be some kind of motivation to say that “ya, I’m still working on my weight”. Thankfully, I’ve seen some slight results, though I don’t really know what I’m gaining (I began to see a rounder stomach, though I’d like to see my chest grow). Anyway, it seems like my weight it not on the move (hopefully it will not stay that way!) cos it’s still 51.8kg (compared to Oct, 50kg). I’m planning to do more focused exercises (like push ups,etc) after Christmas, say 2x a week. That will be one of my focus next year.

So while I was doing research, I came across this PDF file that reads “Eating Strategies to Gain Weight“. To my surprise, I just came to know that it costs 3500 calories to gain one pound (0.4kg). My jaws dropped when I saw the amount! I was like omg. But then, I won’t give up because of the numbers. In fact, I’ll try my best to conquer it! 😀

I need to come out with my meal plans soon, stay tuned! 🙂

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