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Love my mommy! :D

Yep, they (my parents) should be somewhere in China enjoying themselves right now… After whole year of hard work plus babysitting, I guess my mom & dad really deserved this break (though they paid it for themselves, haha). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not writing this because I’m emo-ing. Haha. But really, as both of them were enjoying, my mom asked us to take care of ourselves while they are away. And yea, I finally washed my own clothes… I know I can’t beat my mom’s standard since she’d washed for over don’t know how many years already. And yea, I was perspiring like mad for just washing a few pieces of clothes and undergarments. Eek. Now I really appreciate my mom cos she uses all her heart to take care of the family. Kudos to my mommy!! 😀

(Actually, I quite enjoy the freedom of nobody nagging till this weekend… Weee!!!)

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