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December updates!!

Finally got a chance to sit down and write. I find that I get tired very easily if I don’t get enough sleep… So weekends are best times to pay sleep debts! Haha.

Anyway, I just realized that this coming Monday is my 2nd month in NCS!
Woots!  Still surviving! Haha. Many many more months to go… Can’t wait for my next pay already. Haha.

This month, just got to celebrate 2 birthdays… One’s from my lunch kaki group, HM. We ate at Joe’s Kitchen that has a rather good ambiance and good food. It’s slightly pricy but it’s quite worth the money cos if you are celebrating a friend’s birthday, you will be given a free desert (BUT: depending on boss). Furthermore, there’s not GST & service charge. (Note: the “happy birthday” board will always be there once you step into the restaurant.)

birthday girl in black.

The other was my former’s company’s colleague’s (belated?) birthday. Got to go to KTV @ TopOne. It’s at one corner of Bugis Point (I googled and it said so), next to a huo guo shop.  Rooms were of course much bigger than the $10 KTV, but seems like its price is similar to the normal KTV lounges. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to sing, because I went to Jurong Point to get my hair done (yay, finally got to dye again). Cost me $76! Was it because of the festive season? Haha, anyway, I reached about 10+ pm, almost close to ending. Thankfully I managed to take some photos with the birthday boy and wished him happy birthday.

The drunk birthday boy acted gay and attacked me.

Punishment of the day for being late. Didn’t manage to finish all…

The 3 generations in Fuji Xerox who were there to celebrate.

I had a a good time catching up with the rest of them even though it was a short time (ok, it’s my fault for being late).  Happy belated birthday!!! 😀

Till next time!

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