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If (randomization == true) { this.update(); }

Obviously the idea of the title is copied from somewhere. Haha.

Anyway, the cute little imp that my mommy has taken care since young, is his last day here as he’ll be heading to care centre from tomorrow. Unfortunately I don’t have a robust camera so I didn’t manage to take a pic of him. But here’s how he looks like when he’s much younger:

Isn’t he cute?

My mommy has been a nanny for almost 15+ years, but this is the 3rd boy she’s taken care of (the rest were girls). As she’d be at home most of the time, her good idea was that she can past her time faster than when she’s alone at home. Plus, she can earn more income from babysitting.

If you ask me what I was doing over the long weekend… Other than studying, I was also watching this show, “Atashinchi no Danshi” (アタシんちの男子). It’s all in Japanese but thanks for subtitles, I can understand what they were saying.

Only watched the first episode… Pardon my English, but if you want to know the story line or watch the show, click here. It’s 11 episodes altogether.

After the exams, I WILL BE working hard on my weight gaining. From the facebook’s weight calculation, I need to gain at least 10 more kg to have the acceptable weight for my height! I was like omg. how am I going to do it! But I believe all things are possible! Haha! Wished someone would be my gym teacher for free! While people are losing weight, I am gaining! 😛

OK, time to study! 6 more days!

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