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Some thoughts on marriage

I happened to stumble upon my godma’s facebook status, saying how stressed she was for just planning for the wedding.

Prior to that, this was one of the rather hot discussions among my colleagues and lunch kakis. I realized that those who’re getting married are mostly born 1982, that is, 27 this year. And ya, one of my ex-classmate is getting married next year! Haha, congrats to you if you are reading this! 😀

Anyway, I was saying about preparation of marriage. Of thinking from searching for the dream girl, to getting the ideal proposal, to pre-wedding preparations. Man, all these take whole lot of effort for the couple themselves! And for the man, one must be really have at least a financial stability* before he gets married. These are some of the stuff that the man must get for wedding (listing some for examples):

  • wedding ring, proposal ambiance
  • ang bao for entering the bride’s house
  • wedding dinner (that costs a bomb)
  • pre-wedding “administrative” work, like  wedding cards, choosing for wedding costumes, etc
  • photoshoot
  • post-wedding: honeymoon

Looking at all those, the minimum one man must save for all these is almost 20k! For a grand one, 50k, at least?

And looking at my bank account now, no. I’m not even ready to “pat-tor” (date)! Haha!

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