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Miraculously Passed!

Finally have some time to sit down (though already feeling sleepy) to update my blog! Sorry guys, my daily routine of waking up early made me to sleep super early as well (10pm?) I know I’m very “loh sor”, but I’d need 7 hours of sleep (at least) to keep me sane in the day. lol.

Wanna update on my JLPT mock exam!! Well, I’VE FINALLY PASSED!!! Yeppie! That was something that made my day cos of the 5 mock exams, this is the only one that I’ve passed! lol. Studying a foreign language is not easy! I really wondered how I did it. This 5th exam, I’ve got 256/400, which means I’ve got more than 60%! I know there are people in my class who’ve got like 300+. so it was something that I’ve got motivated. If they can do it, so can I! From 192 of the previous result, to 256! Isn’t it a miracle? I still have got 2 weeks before exam, so I will brush up! 頑張ります!

And pay day is coming! Finally, no more $0 in the bank! But still, I must say to myself, SAVE MONEY!! Haha!

That’s all folks!

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