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ONE MONTH! (With my job. :P)

OK, before I leave my blog to grow cobwebs, I’d better write something here before I go back to study…

It’s been a month since I started working! Time flies, and everyday I wake up and go to CMPB, I would always think about my army days! Haha. I’m still loving work so far… 🙂

So what have I been busy with? Well, other than work, it’d be my Japanese, of course. Haha. Can’t stop studying that because exam’s drawing very near soon… And I’ve got lots of words that I need to memorize. I hope I can finish them by next week! Exam is Dec 6 @ SMU! What a good place to hold the exam eh. I hope I’d remember to wake up on time cos IT’S A SUNDAY.

Other than that, I’ve been keeping up with my “growing fat project” (lol). Things are going steady and slowly for now. The last time I weigh, it was 50.5kg! Haha, a very little achievement for 2 – 3 months.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to gain till 60kg in 6mths – 1 yr (expectation management! Haha) I’ve to discipline myself for running every week to keep my appetite growing, and taking in more carbohydrate- related stuff. I’m now seeing a bit of belly on my stomach, so now is turn to train my chest! Woo. I’ve subscribed to Scott Herman Fitness and man, this guy is my inspiration! Looking through this youtube, I just realized that he is the same age as me! (This is so unfair! lol) I think it really takes a lot of effort to go there. I wish I have the stamina to do so!

OK! I better go study for my mock exam tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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