I’ve decided to write on my blog again since I’ve removed most of the posts and restarted this whole thing.

Anyway life has been good so far, still adapting the new lifestyle of waking up very early in the morning and sleeping very early in the night. In another words, no more late nights for me (bohoo). I’ve been adapting rather well, with a smaller team compared to the previous company. Come to think of it, I am really thankful that I’ve got a job now, that even though it was something that I almost want to give up the previous times. I can’t wait for the coming pay day, cos my bank’s gonna fill with some cash already. Haha. I actually quite look forward daily to going to office, even though the waking up part and the taking train part is rather “off”. At the end of every night, I’d feel very tired and bed is the most precious thing on earth to me now, other than internet. lol.

Today is the 3rd of Nov and it’s just 33 days left to the exam! omg. I’m actually panicking already because I still left quite a lot of homework unfinished and I’m still not at all motivated to start working on it. Every listening takes 40 mins. By the time it’s halfway, I am “half-dead” too. Haha. It’s really tough listening to people speaking, in Japanese.  Haha.

Alright, I better start on it before the dates draw near. 頑張ります!

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